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Supply issuesUpdated a year ago

📢 We are constantly updating our website so you can easily see which meals are out of stock.

Sometimes, life gets in the way and you won’t have time to check our website before your next delivery is due. We get it

So, if a meal is out of stock we'll substitute it with another and contact you via email. A meal that's just as delicious and suited to you, and if one isn't available then we'll refund the amount paid for the product and pop you an email to let you know at the earliest opportunity.

This is not an easy decision for us, and I know it will be inconvenient for some, particularly those who buy our meals frequently or rely on them because of their dietary requirements.

However, rest assured - we’re working around the clock to ensure interruptions to your subscription are few and far between.

Thanks for your patience and as ever, do contact our Customer Support Team if you have any queries.

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